It's not a crime to be gay...unless you're a murderer...

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Beyond the Rainbow New Endeavor!

About the host


Hey there Rainbow Warriors, it's C.J.!  Thanks for dropping by to visit! I identify as a lesbian if I have to label my orientation. I've been a fan of true crime stories for a long time, but have only discovered True Crime Podcasts within the last two years thanks to my friend and Creative Consultant Allison McKimmy-Trestor who by the way is heterosexual but very supportive of the LGBTQI community.  I have a beautiful 21 year old daughter and an array of fur babies.  I worked with children for over half my life and loved it but gratefully retired early to start a new journey in life, which has included podcasting.  Beyond podcasting my interests include crafting, cooking, music, Netflix, hiking, walking my dog, bike riding, playing sports and board games. This is starting to sound like an ad for a dating site....I like long walks on the beach, sunsets and dancing in the rain! Ha!


Beyond the Rainbow New Endeavor!

About the host


1. Holly Harvey & Sandy Ketchum

2. Gwen Araujo & Angie Zapata

3. White Supremacists

4. Drag Crimes

5. Pray the Gay Away

6. Young Lives Lost

7-10 Mini Series on Serial Killers

11. Pray for Orlando

12. Outspoken - Marsha P. Johnson

13. Abusive Partners

14. Matthew Shepard

15. Corrective Rape & Brutality

16. Bullied

17. Cold Case - Wil Hendrick

18. Penny Brummer wrongful conviction

19.  Pt 2 Penny Brummer new theories

20. King Cobra - murder of a gay porn producer

21. Call me Brandon - The story of Brandon Teena

22. Australian Gay Beat Murders

23. A Trusted Adult...when coaches and teachers lure in students

24. The witches of Witches Castle, Shanda's story

25. What the FUCK?!?!!

26. Murders on the Appalachian Trail

27. Young love, broken dreams

28. She's the man

29. Murder in a haunted mansion

30. WTF 

Beyond the Rainbow New Endeavor!

Beyond the Rainbow New Endeavor!

Beyond the Rainbow New Endeavor!


I'm now on the GetVokl app! GetVokl is a free app where every Thursday you can watch one of your favorite true crime podcasts! Beyond the Rainbow airs every Thursday at 6pm pacific time, 8pm central and 9 pm eastern. You can pop in and watch, listen and even interact with me by grabbing an empty space. Did the first one Thursday, May 7th and there were only 5 of us, which was fine because I had some technical difficulties on my end. But with the few of us that were there it was fun to talk with a few of the listeners, find out where they were from and just shoot the shit! I'm hoping we can build the amount of viewers each week however. If you are reading this, please stop in and chat! That's Thursdays on GetVokl!

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Coming Soon! Merch!

Beyond the Rainbow New Endeavor!


Beyond the Rainbow Merchandise store coming soon! Or earn free items by becoming a patreon supporter!  Go to and look for Beyond the Rainbow Pod

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She's the man!

Stories of women pretending to be men to attract, befriend and romantically woo other women into sex.

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Do you have a suggestion?

Do you have a suggestion?

Do you have a suggestion?


Please always feel free to email me with whatever...a case suggestion, a comment or just a heyyyy!

Listener Questions

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Do you have a suggestion?


Hey C.J.!

What's your favorite childhood memory?

I had an excellent childhood with many great memories. I would have to say one of my favorite memories would be going outside on our front lawn at night with my mom, dad, brother and sister. My mom would lay out a big blanket and have a bag of various candy bars and we all got to choose one. Then we'd lay on the blanket and look up at the stars while enjoying our candy.  I also had a little banty chicken named Aper.  She was so tame, she would ride around in the basket of my bike. She is who inspired my love of chickens!

Top Listeners

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Top Listeners


As of May 8, 2020

Top Ten Countries

1. USA

2. UK

3. Australia

4. Canada

5. South Africa

6. Finland

7. Sweden

8. Ireland

9. Indonesia

10. New Zealand/Germany

Top 10 Cities

1. Sydney, NSW

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Blackheath, England

4. Maryville, Tennessee

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico

6. Los Angeles, California

7. Oxnard, California

8. San Jose, California

9. Brisbane, Queensland

10. Islington, England


Upcoming Collaboration

True Crime Real Time with Genevieve Germaine - Bruce MacArthur and the Toronto Gay Village killings of the 1970's

Texla True Crime - TBD

Current Collaboration

Listen to Malice podcast episode 31 is my narrative of serial killer Colin Ireland, episode 32 is Malice host Ariel Cooksey with her narrative of Colin Ireland's psyche, and episode 33 will be both Ariel and I discussing Colin Ireland in the Malice afterthought.